The advantages of our boats

All our boats meet high international standards from a functional and designer point of view.
The CIGARETTE-style body lines help to decrease fuel consumption, speed loss and maneuverability and also significantly improve driving characteristics, including increased traffic safety and high-speed cornering.
Our premium boats can be used for number of activities: boat trips, traveling and competitions.

High quality

High quality
modern materials

Competitive prices

Wide choice
of additional options


Full service
and post-warranty service


Magniff Marine

Magniff Marine - Russian manufacturer of modern premium class boats. If you want a fast, spacious, powerful boat with luxurious interior, which also comes with real factory warranty and full service cycle - then you found what you were looking for.

270 Freeflight

Magniff 270 Freeflight - high-speed premium class seagoing vessel, with excellent speed and operational capabilities, made of high quality modern materials. A wide range of options will allow you to equip the boat for any taste, even the most sophisticated.

Our production

In addition to the fact that in production we use only high-quality and modern materials, all work is carried out by professionals with extensive experience in the production of fiberglass boats. Our manufacturing process includes a wide range of high-precision operations. And thanks to that, all our products meet the highest international standards for the operation and safety of water transport.


We produce premium-quality boats considering today's demands and needs in this segment to achieve recognition of the brand on a global scale.

Danil Bogdanov, CEO

Danil Bogdanov

270 Freeflight
The Original configuration

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