Transportation of floating equipment is a specific process involving complex logistics. It is a must to use special equipment, correctly arrange the documents, comply with a large number of details during transportation. We know how to transport your boat at a sensible rate and ensure the safety of your purchase.

Individual work with customers

We will transport the boat anywhere in the world. All the delivery details are discussed with each customer individually. Delivery is carried out by professionals who are able to ensure reliable fixation of the boat during the transportation and high-quality service. Transporting a boat to the storage place or to the pier will be complied with all the required regulations.

Convenience of cooperation with us

Each of our customers will receive a professionally rendered ship transportation service. We will make an individual route and schedule for you, if necessary. We have a convenient and thought out payment methods.

We have reliable and time-tested partnerships, which help to ensure high-quality transportation. Our highly experienced specialists will ensure that delivery of your boat will be carried promptly and efficiently.